BGC has been a leading inter-dealer broker in the rates business for nearly two decades. Our focus is on delivering services that facilitate the trading of government debt, futures and currency and interest rate swaps and interest rate swaptions, which are among the largest, most global and most actively traded markets.


In local and international government markets, we provide specialist intermediary broking services in cash and basis products.

BGC excels in the whole range of interest rate options (IRO) including caps/floors, swaptions and a variety of exotic options; from the more liquid constant maturity swaps (CMS), swaps/caps and floors and CMS spread options; to the latest exotic market structures, including callable range accruals, quantos and inverse floaters.

Interest rate swaps (IRS) are the other key interest rate products for BGC where a close relationship between brokers trading short and long-term products facilitates a history of delivering first-class service.

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