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Reimagine Care

If you could reimagine care, what would you do to improve the experience for patients, improve the workplace for clinicians, and create a sustainable future for your organization? Healthcare needs transformation. Begin with InterSystems TrakCare.

Transforming Care

The TrakCare unified healthcare information system is for organizations that want to make a difference in care by transforming care delivery and the patient experience. It is for organizations that are serious about digital transformation.


A Single Source of Truth

TrakCare provides clinical, administrative, and financial information as a single source of truth for each patient in one electronic patient record. Built-in integration technology keeps it up to date with data from across your organization.

Easier Access to the Information that Matters

TrakCare’s clear presentation of clinically relevant information, powerful clinical decision-support capabilities, and insightful analytics and reporting enable its users to make informed decisions quickly. Shared workflows enhance communication and enable seamless care-team collaboration.

TrakCare Serves 100 Million People in 27 Countries

TrakCare drives smarter, more productive, and more proactive care processes in over 450 hospitals and thousands of labs and community care sites.


Making Better Decisions


Successful transformation depends on the right foundation. It needs connected health and care organizations, and decisions based on meaningful, comprehensive health data. TrakCare enables both.

TrakCare connects health and care communities around a shared, comprehensive, and trustworthy electronic patient record. Intuitive tools help care providers make better decisions, and help administrators understand what it takes to improve the cost and quality of care.

A 360-Degree View of the Patient

“TrakCare has pulled the pieces together. We now have the foundation to implement programs that have the most impact.”

Gillian Colquhoun, Assistant Director of Digital Programs, North Tees and Hartlepool National Health Service Foundation Trust

Managing Care Cost & Quality

TrakCare’s embedded dashboards and a single data model make it much easier for clinicians and administrators to track down and understand the cost and quality of care. Data quality control, audit, and reporting features, and international best practices built into the system, support accreditation requirements and the delivery of world-class care.


You can extend the reach of TrakCare with InterSystems HealthShare for interagency and community-wide information sharing. When HealthShare combines TrakCare with community-wide clinical, financial, patient-generated, and social data sources, you can analyze, share, and use this data to:

  • Identify opportunities for enhancing and optimizing care processes and outcomes
  • Support new value-based business models
  • Drive population health initiatives
  • Enable clinical research
  • Provide care coordination across organizations, regions, and countries

The Freedom to Innovate

Using HealthShare alongside TrakCare means you are free to innovate. The TrakCare data and capabilities you use every day to manage care delivery will remain stable, responsive, and secure.

World-Class Technology & Support

You benefit from interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable technology backed by a world-class, worldwide support organization. You set the priority. You approve closure. Plus, InterSystems is a consistently profitable, private company where your success matters more than anything.

An Ecosystem of Products to Extend TrakCare

TrakCare can be extended to address specific needs of your organization via additional capabilities provided by our partners. For example:

For Every Patient, One Record.
For Every User, One Login.

Core of TrakCare

TrakCare relies on two core capabilities included in the foundation products and automatically used wherever needed throughout the system: the Electronic Patient Record and the Master Patient Index.

The Electronic Patient Record captures the continuum of a patient’s clinical and administrative information, including demographics and medical history, as well as previous admissions, surgery, and obstetric information. The medical history includes allergies, disease, and family and social history. The Electronic Patient Record is automatically populated by relevant data entered anywhere within TrakCare or via integration with other healthcare applications.

The Master Patient Index enables you to record an extensive range of a patient’s sociodemographic information. Because each patient is uniquely identified, you can organize information efficiently, extract it easily when you need it, and track patients across an organization.

electronic patient record

TrakCare Patient Administration System Foundation

Providing core administrative management functionality for all patient populations, TrakCare Patient Administration System Foundation includes inpatients, outpatients, family health, medical records management with coding, and an administrative patient record with allergy information, alerts, diagnosis entry, episode lists, order history, and patient history. Also among the system’s key features are comprehensive admission, discharge, transfer, bed management, resource scheduling, and appointment booking.

patient admin

TrakCare Clinical Information System Foundation

Clinical Information System Foundation delivers the core functionality required for clinical patient management. It includes care provider work lists and workbenches, comprehensive and flexible clinical documentation tools, clinical pathways and care planning, and a clinical electronic patient record with observations, vaccinations, and assessments. Physicians, nurses, and other clinicians can prioritize and manage their daily work effectively with views that support easy discernment of patient status and planned care activity.

clinical information system foundation

Administrative Extensions

Administrative Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require the Patient Administration System Foundation.

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Clinical Extensions

Clinical Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require the Clinical Information System Foundation.

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clinical extensions

Additional Extensions

Additional Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require the Patient Administration System Foundation.

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electronic patient record diagram
electronic patient record diagram 2

Administrative Extensions (Require Patient Administrative System Foundation)

Administrative Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require the Patient Administration System Foundation.

TrakCare Emergency Department facilitates efficient triaging and treatment of patients during an emergency attendance. It ensures coordination and efficient management of emergency rooms, resources, and clinical staff. Patient registration, patient flow, capture of care interventions, and support for mass casualty events are key features.

TrakCare Community Health gives healthcare professionals the tools needed to provide community-based patients/clients with the highest quality care. It meets the unique needs of care and service delivery in a diverse range of community settings, such as patients’ homes, clinics, schools, commercial spaces, and even call centers. Other key features include event management, contacts, loan equipment, brokerage, multidisciplinary team support, and support for visiting nurses.

TrakCare Referral and Waiting List Management is used to create, receive, review/triage, and process electronic and paper-based referrals from external and internal sources. Use this extension to prioritize referrals once they are accepted, transfer them to waiting lists, book appointments, and process admissions.

TrakCare Patient Billing enables you to coordinate and manage billing of patients for services documented in TrakCare. This extension includes payer policy coverage, recording charges, raising invoices, adjustments, deposits, and debtors.

TrakCare Mental Health Administration provides functionality to record, track, manage, and maintain a history of a patient’s legal status, including recording detainment for assessment and/or treatment, consent status, and forms and reviews specific to government regulations.

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clinical extensions

Clinical Extensions (Require Clinical Information System Foundation)

Clinical Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require the Clinical Information System Foundation.

TrakCare Ordering and Results Communications provides an efficient and safe mechanism for ordering diagnostic tests, treatments, and other clinical interventions or services together with functionality to document and share results or interpretations issued against an order. Medication prescription is not included.

TrakCare Medication Management brings together patient data and decision support capabilities to enable safe and efficient electronic prescribing and administration of medications. Key features include support for:

  • Ordering admixtures and fluids with integration to TrakCare Fluid Balance Chart
  • Dose-based prescribing, and the ability to integrate commercial drug database content
  • Alerting, order favorites, order sets, dose calculation
  • A comprehensive medication chart and clinical pharmacy functions and formulary management

TrakCare Pharmacy supports the dispensing activities of non-retail pharmacy departments within hospitals, including prescription/medication review, controlled drugs, drug manufacture, dispensing to meet clinical intent, and stock management.

TrakCare Lab Enterprise enables users to manage the lab as an agile, knowledge-driven business in this increasingly interconnected world. As a complete solution for clinical pathology services, it includes the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of laboratory processing.

TrakCare Radiology streamlines the work processes of a medical imaging department, allowing for easy and efficient order processing, authorization, and scheduling. It captures pre- and post-examination details and provides reporting, transcription, verification, and distribution of results.

TrakCare Maternity records administrative and clinical data during the antenatal, intra-partum, and postnatal periods of a pregnancy. It provides a complete obstetric history, including care planning and monitoring for mother and baby.

TrakCare Operating Theater enables efficient coordination and management of theater rooms, resources, and clinical staff and provides easy to use documentation tools for recording pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative surgical and anesthetic case details.

TrakCare Anesthesia delivers a comprehensive record of all anesthetic-related activity before, during, and after a procedure. It includes note taking, progressive one-touch medication administration, and flow sheets.

TrakCare ICU provides functionality dedicated to ICU departments including ICU flow sheets for charting and a series of ICU specific assessment and support for tight integration to patient monitoring solutions.

TrakCare Oncology supports the treatment and management of oncology patients through enhanced tumor staging and oncology-specific interactive clinical pathways and care plans.  It supports multidisciplinary teams and oncology appointment booking.

TrakCare Clinical Specialties provides predefined content, such as forms, favorites, order sets, nursing care plans, pathways, patient education materials, and images tailored to the needs of clinical specialties.

TrakCare Discharge Summary simplifies the process of providing relevant clinical information for the continuation of care when a patient transitions from one provider or care setting to another.

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Additional Extensions

Additional Extensions provide optional functionality to extend the power of TrakCare. They require either the Patient Administration System Foundation or the Clinical Information System Foundation.

TrakCare Active Decision Support provides a fully integrated decision engine for creating user-defined targeted rules that drive decision support actions within TrakCare.

TrakCare Personal Community is a comprehensive patient engagement solution, based on InterSystems HealthShare® technology, with automatic links to TrakCare data. It gives patients the ability to access their medical records and educational resources, send messages to care team members, and request appointments.

TrakCare Extended Analytics provides near real-time access to management and performance information through graphs and dashboards operating on the built-in TrakCare analytics data model. Extended Analytics includes predefined key performance indicators and dashboards for clinical and administrative data throughout the TrakCare system.

TrakCare Government Standards helps you produce government reports, connect to key government applications and systems, and fulfill other government mandates. It includes a country-specific list of reports, interfaces, and other capabilities.

TrakCare EPR Connectivity connects third-party information systems and devices to TrakCare. It includes the TrakCare Healthcare Messaging Framework for standards-based interoperability with HL7, CDA, and FHIR, and also supports many other integration and messaging capabilities.

TrakCare Specialty Interfaces connect TrakCare to specialized data sources, such as third-party clinical content.

TrakCare Additional Reports / Dashboards enables the purchase of client-specific reports or dashboards – developed by InterSystems to supplement those provided as part of TrakCare.

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A Web Based and Mobile-First Product,
Pre-configured for Your Country

TrakCare was the first healthcare information system built specifically for the web. It continues to build on that history of innovation with a mobile-first, touchscreen-enabled interface that enhances the care delivery experience, wherever it happens. Unlike other systems, TrakCare does not require you to install and maintain apps on devices, saving you time and money.

We incorporate our global best practices into the product, which is delivered preconfigured to meet local market requirements in a range of countries. This approach reduces the complexity and risk of switching to a new healthcare information system or installing one for the first time.

Speed to Benefits

We are passionate about customer success and view every business relationship as a long-term partnership. To help you realize the full benefits of your EMR investment, you can engage our team to help you navigate through the process of identifying and measuring expected benefits, preparing for and leading your organization through change, implementing an effective governance strategy, and continuously improving how you use TrakCare after go-live

Connecting Care Across Settings, Providers, and Organizations

TrakCare helps you deliver optimal care for each individual and proactive support for the health and well-being of entire populations. It includes completely unified clinical, patient administration, practice management, and revenue-cycle functionality.

TrakCare supports clinicians and care managers across diverse settings, including acute-care hospitals, outpatient clinics, urgent-care centers, community health centers, and laboratories. Wherever TrakCare is used, its single, shared electronic patient record and master patient index place the patient at the center of care.


Even in the most extensive healthcare systems, patients will have clinical encounters and health information elsewhere in the care community — whether across the country or across the border. Interoperability for information sharing with other organizations is critical for making the best care decisions, and innovation in care processes. You can extend the reach of TrakCare with InterSystems HealthShare® for community-wide information sharing.

Empowering Patients with Easy Access to Personal Data

You can make life easier for patients and increase engagement in their own care by taking advantage of the FHIR-based data sharing capabilities of TrakCare. For example, when your healthcare facility is registered with Apple, a subset of data from InterSystems TrakCare can be viewed in iPhone’s Apple Health app alongside information collected from other healthcare organizations. When their data is updated, the app automatically notifies the patient.

InterSystems is committed to sharing data from TrakCare directly with patients not only via our own Personal Community Patient Portal but also by leveraging the FHIR capability of our InterSystems IRIS for Health platform and partnering with makers of SMART on FHIR and other FHIR-based apps.

Delivering More Value for Care Organizations

TrakCare is the foundation for creating a high-value, sustainable health system. It supports optimal care delivery for each individual and helps you deliver proactive support for the health and well-being of entire populations. TrakCare includes completely unified clinical, patient administration, practice management, and revenue-cycle functionality.

World's First & Only Business Management System for Labs

InterSystems TrakCare® Lab Enterprise makes your laboratory an information-driven, connected business. It incorporates global best practices, the result of InterSystems’ successful laboratory software implementations in more than 400 labs in 25 countries.

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“Is it a traditional EMR? No…. You can go and find one of those in a big urban hospital somewhere. This is very different, this is a single digital tool for our clinicians right across the jurisdiction, and right across every element of clinical care.”

Chris Hosking
Deputy Chief Executive
Northern Territory Department of Corporate and Information Services

“TrakCare provides Gemelli with a state-of-the-art solution for managing the complex clinical and administrative processes that are typical of a big organization such as the Policlinico.”

Marco Elefanti
General Manager
Fondazione Policlinico Agostino Gemelli IRCCS

“King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital is one of the most paperless hospitals I have visited around the world. TrakCare’s advanced clinical functionality enabled King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 just five months after deployment and Stage 7 in less than two years.”

John Daniels
Global Vice President, Healthcare Advisory Services Group, HIMSS Analytics

“TrakCare is beneficial to patients because I don’t get distracted and can concentrate on them. I can finish documentation of the whole anesthetic record in 2-3 minutes. This has given me more time and the ability to provide a high quality of care to my patients.”

Khalid Hanish, MD
Specialist, Anesthesia
Mediclinic Middle East

“Since TrakCare has been introduced we have been able to see the whole hospital at a glance. And, before electronic prescribing and administration there were lots of problems getting hold of needed data.”

Mandy Skilcorn
Ward Matron
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

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