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InterSystems recognizes its roles in the global marketplace. To continuously improve the social impact of its business operations, InterSystems commits to the following principles:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws.
  2. Ensure that employment at InterSystems is engaged freely and without coercion or improper restrictions.
  3. Respect the freedom of employees to associate and collectively bargain.
  4. Maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  5. Prohibit child labor.
  6. Support a living wage.
  7. Maintain non-excessive working hours.
  8. Tolerate no discrimination in employment practices or compensation.
  9. Give preference for employment over contractors when feasible.
  10. Prohibit harsh or inhuman treatment
  11. Maintain awareness and continuous improvement of the company’s environmental impacts.

Download InterSystems Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

For more information on our commitment to Social Responsibility, please contact compliance@InterSystems.com.